Crazy Art Piece Commemorates The First Russian Cosmonauts

And particle accelerators, and four-dimensional space, and a bunch of other cool stuff. Just watch these videos.

We’re not exactly sure what particle accelerators sound like on the inside, but it seems plausible enough that they might sound like Cyclotone, a real-time audio/visual performance piece by artist Paul Prudence. It was inspired by cyclotrons (a type of spiral particle accelerator) and other particle accelerators, as well as 4-dimensional space and the original Russian cosmonauts. In other words, Cyclotone was inspired by awesome things.

Cyclotone is like a cyclotron for sound. The geometric shapes take their cues from the aforementioned particle accelerators and experimentation with 4-D space, but they are also deformed and altered by the sounds, which Prudence pulled from a variety of sources to make the whole representation literally hum and pop with energy. It’s also really, really awesome-looking. Find 4 spare minutes and some time to meditate on space-time today and watch the intro. We bet we won’t have to talk you into finding 4 more minutes to watch the finale.

Cyclotone [intro] from Paul Prudence on Vimeo.

Cyclotone [Spin-up Finale] from Paul Prudence on Vimeo.

[Via Creative Applications]