A Nest Made For People And Other Amazing Photos Of The Week

Including surreal pictures of food, a rarely seen "singing" dog, and more

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A Nest For Humans

Studio 1984 designed this human “nest” for a competition where the challenge was to create a dwelling made from natural components. Various types of wood were used, but the most important parts were carefully placed bales of straw.

Reflective Bike

It looks a little menacing in the photo, but this bike is here to help you out. A frame coating makes it super-reflective, and a dynamo-powered LED in the front lights the way.

Composite Portraits

Does something seem a little off about this portrait? It should. It was actually made from different photos stitched together to form one (semi-) cohesive image. See more of the work from French photographer Grégoire Cheneau over at American Photo.

Food Cavern

No, it’s not a surreal painting. Nadege Meriau takes photos of the inside of foods, and the results look like bizarre landscapes. We’re not sure what, exactly, this is: a pumpkin, maybe?

Singing Dog

The New Guinea singing dog (a relative of the Australian dingo) was thought to be extinct in its natural habitat, but a photographer recently snapped this rare photo in the remote Mandala Mountain of Indonesia.

Laser-Cut Christmas Book

This is a laser-cut Christmas book created by Japanese designer Yusuke Oono. It stretches out into a full circle and forms a holiday diorama when opened.

iPhone Knife

Task One is a Swiss army knife in an iPhone case. Need a screw tightened? A steak cut? No more will you have to go and find a completely different object than your phone. It’s right there. (Although, you know, plan your steak dinner more appropriately?)

Two And A Half Years On-Screen

Artist/programmer/designer Marcin Ignac created this infographic showing his computer use over 2.5 years. Each line is a day, and each color represents a different application. The black section is the time he wasn’t on. Read more about it here.

The Color Room

For the installation Chromosaturation, artist Carlos Cruz-Diez created a room with varying colors glowing down. When visitors walk through different rooms, they see their clothes and body change colors, too.

News From Mariner 2

Fifty years ago today we received information from the Mariner 2 spacecraft as it flew past Venus. Although it only came within 21,600 miles, it offered the first nearby study of another planet.