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Gummy Bear Chandelier

Designer Kevin Champeny makes these beautiful (and seemingly delicious) chandeliers out of thousands of acrylic gummy bears. So, not edible, but still delightful.

Doll Parts Faces

Australian artist Freya Jobbins takes doll parts and recycles them into awesome/terrifying new faces. It’s a little reminiscent of Sid’s toys in the first Toy Story. (This is actually one of the less scary ones; see more at Co.Design.)

A Horizontal Tree House

Who says tree houses need to go up a tree? Swedish architects at Visiondivision took a wildly different approach, adding some low-hanging swings to their design, called Chop Stick.

A New Look At Earth

NASA is always dropping beautiful photos of Earth, but this one is special: using the day-night band of the relatively new Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS), scientists can pick up on light produced by something as small as a single ship in the ocean.

Homemade Wormhole

Artist Jen Stark created colorful “wormholes” like this for an exhibit in LA called To The Power Of.

Every Plane Leaving An Airport

Cy Kuckenbaker made an overlayed video of planes landing at San Diego International Airport on Black Friday, from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. It’s simultaneously what you might expect and still something crazy to watch.

City Of Roses

Freedom Square and Zdunski Market Place in Kutno, Poland, were on a slope before Germany invaded in World War II and flattened it to make it more functional. This beautiful design from Mado Architekci aims to add more humanity to the square through a curving ribbon. (The ribbon also brings to mind Kutno’s nickname: The City of Roses.)

What Nothing Looks Like

Artist Gustav Metzger, trying to get a visual look at “nothing,” hooked himself up to a robotic carving machine and tried his best to completely clear his mind. This was the result. Read more about it here.

Black Suns

Back in 1939, Ansel Adams made a famous image of a dark sun using overexposure solarization. Now a new crop of photographers is picking up where he left off. Read more about it at American Photo.