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Average temperatures on the planet are increasing, ocean levels are rising, and storms are getting more severe. These are known facts, but some people–people who might even be your friends or family members–still believe anthropogenic climate change is a myth. Let’s help change that.


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We have selected some lovely items that will bring home the message that climate change is real, happening now and a serious problem. Click through the gallery to see some suggestions.

Planet Earth on Blu-ray

The classic nature documentary, now available at a discount, should be in every home–especially one occupied by someone who does not believe the Earth is warming up (and how much of a problem that is). See beautiful birds of paradise in their bizarre mating dance; watch as lions attempt to take down an elephant; behold a flood of life returning to the Okavango in spring; and so, so much more of our lovely–and fragile!–planet. The documentary also addresses climate change in a gentle yet compelling way. $35, Amazon

Waterproof Down Jacket

The Mojave down jacket by Brooks-Range will keep your buddy warm and dry when the next superfrankenoreastercane strikes. It’s stuffed with 800+ fill down that has been treated with DownTek technology, a method that makes down water-repellent, antimicrobial and more durable. Down Decor, which provides the stuffing, mists the down with a layer of perfluoroalkyl acrylate, a hydrophobic polymer that forces water to bead up. The down dries very quickly and retains its fluff. You can read more about it here. $299, Brooks-Range Mountaineering

SWITCH60 Liquid-Cooled LED Bulb

This 2012 Best of What’s New winner can fill a room with warm incandescent-like light while using a fraction of the electricity as a regular Edison bulb. No ice cream cone curls here–the bulbs take on the familiar shape of the century-old incandescent lamps instead. Liquid silicone inside the bulb draws heat away from the LED drivers, keeping them safely cool no matter how you install it. With the SWITCH60 Liquid-Cooled LED Bulb, your climate change denier can save electricity–and therefore reduce coal-fired power plant emissions–without sacrificing the warmth and convenience of old-fashioned light bulbs. You can learn more about it here and here. ** $49.99 for Switch60, available now at Batteries Plus outlets; Switch40, Switch75 to come**

NASA Earth-Monitoring Apps

Give your denialist pal the gift of data he can analyze himself. NASA’s free “Earth Now” apps, available on Android and Apple operating systems, present lovely visualizations of real-time climate data from the space agency’s fleet of Earth-observing satellites. You can see surface air temperature, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, and water vapor and sea level variations. A rotatable 3-D model of Earth puts it all in perspective. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory designed it, so it’s pretty good. Free; Apple and Android app stores

Plush Polar Bear

This bear’s description says it better than we could: “This plush polar bear cub toy is now a national symbol of our global warming.” It’s so soft and adorable, and so fraught with guilt! As an added bonus, this particular plush polar bear is made from soy fiber and stuffed with kapok, a sustainable rainforest crop. $8.75, Celery Street

An Actual Greenhouse For The Home

Cute stuffed animal not driving the message home? Maybe an actual living ecosystem, one that directly responds to the greenhouse effect, will make it clear. You can set up a terrarium, which will grow plants on a desk or table, or a fully fledged outdoor greenhouse. A greenhouse lets in solar radiation through transparent glass, which also keeps the warmth inside. A greenhouse maintains heat through convection. Greenhouse gases get their name because they work in a similar way–they absorb and emit thermal radiation. $129-$249, Greenhouse-Style Terrarium, [Pottery Barn](||NoFacet--NoFacet-–_- gclid=COfi766D8LMCFcaiPAodpw4Adw) (left) **$299, Mini Outdoor Greenhouse, Bed Bath & Beyond (right)

An Alaskan Cruise

What better way to understand the impacts of a warming Earth than to visit a place like Alaska? Melting glaciers abound, permafrost is thawing and polar bears–just like your friend’s new plush pal–are threatened. Go see global warming for yourself, and have a drink while you’re at it. Prices vary; Royal Caribbean packages start at $619