Today On Mars: Check Out Curiosity’s Martian Roadmap

Mars rover Curiosity has already made some neat discoveries on its still-short mission, and this roadside map plots those. But it still has a way to go: It’s Glenelg or bust.

At Glenelg, on the far right of the map, different types of terrain converge in a scientifically salient way. Each of those spots on the left shows where Curiosity has already been, and it made some interesting finds at each of them. First, at Goulburn, Curiosity found bedrock when its thrusters blasted away loose materials. The material making up the outcrop was suggestive of once-flowing water. At Link, the next stop, Curiosity found rounded pebbles, also suggestive of water. Then, at Hottah, paydirt: abundant, smooth rocks that couldn’t have been transported by wind.

We can’t wait to see what it finds at Glenelg, and along the way.