Guess The Mystery Animal!

Guess the species (either common or Linnaean) by tweeting at us--we're @PopSci--and get your name listed right here! Plus eternal glory, obviously. Update: We've got a winner!

Mystery Animal: Oct. 18, 2012

Mark Kostich

So, here are the rules: follow us on Twitter and tweet at us with the hashtag #mysteryanimal. For example:

@PopSci is the #mysteryanimal a baboon?

And then I might say "if you think that's a baboon, perhaps you are the baboon!" But probably not, because this is a positive environment and all guesses are welcome and also this is not a very common animal so guess whatever you want!

The first person to get it right wins! We'll retweet the answer from @PopSci, and also update this post so your amazing animal knowledge will be permanently etched onto the internet. Show your kids! Your dumb kids who thought that was a baboon!

Update: And the winner is...@lmikinberg, who correctly guessed that this is a spotted linsang. The linsangs are southeast Asian viverrids--they're related to the civets and genets, but not to cats. They did, however, evolve in similar ways, so they often look distinctly cat-like. Look at the paws on the guy above!