The Most Amazing Images Of The Week, September 17-21, 2012

A mind-bending videogame, shoes with GPS, a charming liliger cub, and more of our favorite images from this week

The Liliger

Cute, yes, but also scientifically important: this liliger is the first cub born from a liger--a cross between a lion and a tiger--and a lion. But then again, tally another point in the straight-up cuteness column for it being "adopted" by a house cat living at the same Russian zoo.The Sun

GPS Shoes

These shoes are fashionable, but they can also help you out in a jam. Created by British designer Dominic Wilcox, the No Place Like Home shoes run on GPS; the toe-side lights up to show you the way, activated by a click of the heels.Dominic Wilcox

Hall Of Mirrors

These are giant mirrors, and they'll be helping the James Webb Space Telescope to see the light from distant galaxies. Here they're being prepped for shipment to NASA.Ball Aerospace

A Dark Energy Camera Portrait

The Dark Energy Camera--a 570-megapixel behemoth--launched last week, and started snapping images skyward, including this great shot of spiral galaxy NGC 1365.Dark Energy Survey Collaboration

Fashion Creepshow

This art project/nightmare fuel was created by Polish artist Jan Manski as a critique of the fashion world--if David Cronenberg directed The Devil Wears Prada, basically. It's titled Onania and is running at the Breese Little Gallery in London, if you're in the area. Or you could just wait and see if it haunts your dreams when you go to sleep.Jan Manski

"Falling Bird"

Photographer and video artist Ori Gersht creates intricately detailed, often haunting videos and photos. His comprehensive exhibit, "Ori Gersht: History Repeating," is on view at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston through January 6. Read more at American Photo.Ori Gersht

Mind Games

Hong Kong-based artist Alan Kwan created Bad Trip, a virtual look through his memories that can be searched with just an Xbox 360 controller. The game is eerie--filled with black-and-white cliffs and foreboding houses--and it's all the stranger knowing the images were culled from a year of recorded video; Kwan attached a recorder to his glasses and explored.Alan Kwan via Co.Design

iOS6 Maps

The reaction to Apple's in-house maps app has been severely negative--but at least we get a funny tumblr out of it. The Amazing iOS 6 Maps shows off some of the worst (best) problems from the app. Here's a statue gone missing. Read our write-up about it here.The Amazing iOS 6 Maps

Power Hog

This great portrait is of Cat Woodmansee with his 180-pound, electric-assist, chopper-style bicycle. Read about it (and other awesome bike projects) here.Cody Pickens

Drought Days

This year's drought has hit hard, even continuing to affect our underground water supplies, which are used drinking and farming. This NASA map, compiled from the two Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment satellites, shows the extent of the rainless days.NASA Earth Observatory