Mars Rover Curiosity Photographs Its Destination, Enormous Mount Sharp

Since we don’t have the usual landmarks on Mars that we enjoy on Earth, it can be tough to get a sense of scale for the great shots we’ve seen from Mars rover Curiosity. In this photo of Mount Sharp–Curiosity’s scientific destination–the mound in the center of the image is about 1,000 feet across and 300 feet high. Curiosity, relative to that, looks like a speck of dirt, as you can see after the jump.

Mount Sharp, Annotated

NASA also released this annotated version. Both images of Mount Sharp, taken by the rover’s 100-millimeter mast camera, are part of a larger image. This cropped version is enhanced with color, which gives it a more Earth-like look, making it easier to analyze. That little black rock is about the size of Curiosity. And if you thought Curiosity was puny, you’re mistaken. It’s a full 10 feet long, dwarfing its sibling rovers and humans.

Three Generations of Rovers

Needless to say, it has a lot of ground to cover.


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