It wouldn’t be right to go this week without a photographic look at the Olympics, so we’ve got this awesome fencing image, a shot of the competitor-tracking cameras, and the unlit Olympic flame. But there’s also a lot more, including a 3-D supernova and a deadly typhoon in China. Check out the gallery to see them all.

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China Typhoon

Storm clouds caused by Typhoon Saola form over Shanghai. It’s the second of two storms–Typhoon Damrey hit the country’s east coast on Thursday, killing five people.

Full Moon

Residents of Miami Beach were treated to an especially good look at Wednesday’s full moon, as demonstrated by this photo from AP photographer Wilfredo Lee.

Olympic Fencing

Italy-based Reuters photographer Max Rossi caught this incredible multi-exposure photo of South Korea’s Choi Byungchul (right) facing off with Egypt’s Alaaeldin Abouelkassem during the men’s individual foil semifinal fencing match. See more great Olympic photojournalism at American Photo.

Olympic Tracking Cam

Robotic DSLRs like this one, pictured before a basketball event in London, are being used to keep a precise eye on Olympic competitors.

Blue Angels

As part of the annual Seafair summer festival, U.S. Navy Blue Angels flew over Lake Washington, in Seattle.

Japanese Mega Bot

This four-ton robot, created by Suidobashi Heavy Industry, is trained to shoot BBs at smiling humans–6,000 BBs per minute, no less. See a video of it in action here.

Black Sea Plankton

The cyan pattern in this satellite image of the Black Sea is actually microscopic phytoplankton, specifically the single-celled algae coccolithophores, which helps remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Olympic Flames Dies

The Olympic flame unceremoniously went out while it was moved to a different part of the stadium. Thankfully two-time torchbearer–class of 1948 and 2012–Austin Playfoot was dispatched to relight it.

Monkey and Tiger

A baby rhesus macaque and a tiger cub playing together in a Chinese zoo.

Shuttle Street View

Google Street View added Kennedy Space Center–yeah, the inside of it–this week, so we can get great, interactive views of space shuttles, launch pads, and more. Read more here.

3-D Supernova

A Japanese research group, working with the Subaru telescope, has greatly advanced our understanding of a supernova’s shape–it’s not a “bipolar” explosion, but more “lumpy.” Read more here.

Fire Rainbow

Otherwise known as iridescent clouds, “fire rainbows” are a result of uniformly water-filled clouds diffracting light. Photographer Ken Rotberg took this great example of one above Delray Beach, Florida on Tuesday.