Tonight, We'll Be at Star Talk Live With Neil de Grasse Tyson and Eugene Mirman

Past Episode of Star Talk Live

The panel of a previous Star Talk episode: Eugene Mirman, John Hodgman, Kristen Schaal, Neil de Grasse Tyson, and Mike Massimino.Star Talk Radio

Neil de Grasse Tyson's ever-entertaining podcast, Star Talk, is recording another live episode tonight, here in New York. He'll be joined by comedian Eugene Mirman and other guests--past guests have included comedians Kristen Schaal and John Hodgman, actor Alan Alda, and astronaut Mike Massimino, so we have our hopes firmly planted very high up for some great guests tonight. We'll be there, tweeting our favorite one-liners and thoughts on the intersection between science nerds and bearded bespectacled Brooklynites, so check out @PopSci starting around 8PM tonight.