The Most Amazing Science Images of the Week, January 30-February 3, 2012

This week’s Images of the Week gallery includes a cocktail that looks, according to the person who made it, like … Continued

This week’s Images of the Week gallery includes a cocktail that looks, according to the person who made it, like an “alien brain hemorrhage,” we’ve got the other side of that amazing “blue marble” picture of Earth, we’ve got a handmade net fort we are dying to play in, and we’ve got internal organs made out of elegantly rolled paper. It’s a good week, is all we’re saying.

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Test Tube Chandelier

This chandelier, from Polish designer Pani Jurek, is named after Marie Curie, and consists mostly of different-colored test tubes. If I had the kind of apartment that wouldn’t look more silly than cool with a beautiful artistic chandelier, I’d steal the idea right now. [via Gizmodo]

Blue Marble, East

Remember that beautiful “blue marble” pic from last week? You might’ve wondered where the eastern hemisphere was–last week’s only showed the western. Well, NASA just published it on their Flickr stream for our enjoyment.

Paper Abdomen

We loved Lisa Nilsson’s papercraft anatomical models so much that we couldn’t exclude them from this week’s gallery. This one here is a closeup of the abdomen.

Alien Brain Hemorrhage Cocktail

This grotesque shot includes a particular method of layering peach schnapps, Bailey’s, blue curacao, and grenadine syrup that results in, according to its creators, an “alien brain hemorrhage.” Check out a video of its construction here.


Olivier Beauchesne over at Science-Metrix created this map of scientific collaboration around the world between 2005 and 2009. He did maps of the EU, the entire world, and this one, of the U.S. Read more at Wired.

Moon-Printed Houses

We’ve seen this idea before–Enrico Dini of D-Shape talked to us awhile back about a giant 3-D printer that’d print houses on the moon, out of moon-rocks and moon-dust. But a bunch of professors at USC created this futuristic mockup of their own version, and it looks great. Read more at FastCoDesign.

Visualize Victory

The winners of this year’s Visualization Challenge take all kinds of phenomena and make amazing art out of them. Take this image. That’s not a cliff in Arizona: it’s the layered compound Ti3AlC2, placed in hydrofluoric acid. Check out more here.

The State of Science

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute recently published this map, showing scientific literacy (you can read how they came to these conclusions here). Safe to say, we are not doing particularly well as a nation. [via io9]

Spherical Blue Goo

These spheres of blue goo fell from the sky in England. We don’t really have any idea what they are. Read more here.

Net Fort

We’ve got something special planned for you next week. I’m not going to tell you what it is, because it is my nature to be secretive, but this image here, of a handmade giant net fort you can wander around, is thematically on point with our special secret. Come back on Monday and enjoy! [via FastCoDesign]