We can all see that this mustachioed, overalled, caffeine-fueled Chinese (just look at his hat!) figure, who for legal reasons we shall keep unnamed, is running as hard and fast as he can. But is it toward those gold coins, or away from the pixelization wave that will turn him into a jagged collection of tiny squares? We may never know–but that shouldn’t stop you from entering our contest to win this fantastic Baarbarian illustration on a t-shirt.

The rules: Follow us on Twitter (we’re @PopSci) and retweet our This Week in the Future tweet. One of those lucky retweeters will be chosen to receive a custom t-shirt with this week’s Baarbarian illustration on it, thus making the winner entirely too cool for their school, or place of business, or couch. (Those who would rather just buy the t-shirt can do that here.) The stories pictured therein:

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