May 2011: How to Save the Oceans


Seven Ways to Save the Seas

What Would You Do?

Twelve Ocean Experts Tell Us How to Begin to Save the Seas

Shore Line

An undersea electric grid that could make offshore wind power as affordable as coal By David Roberts

Bodies in Motion

The limits of travel are defined not by what vehicles can do, but by what vehicles can do to us. So how much can we take? By Jacob Ward

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

High speed trains will cross the states in the upcoming decades, but at slower speeds than China’s trains By Katherine Bagley

Mind Trips

Dig for dinosaurs, visit a particle accelerator, or play games against robots. Summer vacation just got brainier By Amanda Schupak

What’s New


How 2.0



  • Amateur Photo Displays a Full Day’s Worth of Celestial Splendor
  • Plastic Enclosures Provide a Cheap, Bacteria-Based Sewage Solution

Letter From the Editor

May 2011