This Week in the Future, January 28-February 4, 2011

TWITF: Jan 28-Feb 4


This week, we're doing things a little differently. Resident artist Baarbarian has captured five of our most eye-catching stories of the week in this picture, but to win a t-shirt adorned with it, you won't have to guess all five correctly. Instead, you'll have to tell us which story is your favorite and why--in less than 140 characters.

The rules are as follows: We want to hear which of these five stories, linked below, is your favorite and why. Doing so is easy: Follow us on Twitter (where we go by the name @popsci, oddly enough) and fire off a tweet with your feelings on one of these stories, condensed into 140 characters. Mention us at the start of the tweet and end it with the hashtag #TWITF, and our favorite will be the proud recipient of this week's sweet Baarbarian-inked t-shirt (which you can also buy here, if contests aren't really your thing). Here are the options:

And don't forget to check out our other great stories from this past week--especially our reports from Nathan Myhrvold's Modernist Cuisine laboratory in Seattle.