This Week in the Future, February 21-25, 2011

For this week’s TWitF, resident artist Baarbarian has put together a portrait of the modern man. Desperate, alone, undead (metaphorically), with only the comfort of alcohol to get him through his wintry days, the modern man can barely derive any enjoyment even from a Clipse video made with a Microsoft Kinect. Truly, these are dark times. (Subtext: Why isn’t it spring yet?)

But! There is hope, provided your definition of “hope” includes the possibility of winning a t-shirt with a drunk gambling zombie on it, and why wouldn’t it?

The rules: Pick your favorite of the four stories featured in this week’s Baarbarian masterwork, and tell us why you picked it. You can do that via Twitter (follow us, and use the hashtag #TWitF so we can find you) or comment on the TWitF post on our Facebook page (and, of course, you can just buy the t-shirt here, if you’re into that whole exchanging-currency-for-goods-and/or-services thing, rather than social media contests). The stories are:

And let’s not forget our other favorite stories from the past week: