Nerd-In-Chief Obama To Appear on ‘Mythbusters’

Barack Obama, the country’s first nerd president, is scheduled to appear on the TV show “Mythbusters,” he said at the White House today. We are thrilled that in this difficult time, the president would put petty politics aside and exercise his inner geek.

The myth he’s busting has nothing to do with false birth announcements in Hawaiian newspapers or presidential belief in Islam, as Time magazine’s TV blog helpfully points out.

“I can announce today that I taped a special guest appearance for their show, although I didn’t get to blow anything up,” Obama said at a White House science fair. “I was a little frustrated with that.”

In the episode, Obama will help hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman test Archimedes’ solar ray, determining if it’s possible to light ships on fire using only mirrors and solar rays.

The show will air Dec. 8, according to the Discovery Channel.