Want To Live in Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry For a Month?

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Has anyone ever told you — maybe because of your Star Trek knowledge, your impressive gadget collection, or your propensity to use phrases like “quark-gluon plasma” — that you belong in a museum?

Well, now you can, friends. The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago would like to add you to its collection. Temporarily, anyway. The museum is sponsoring a contest to win a month’s stay inside the museum, where you can spend quality time in the 14-acre site, hanging out in the submarine and in the cockpit of the United Airlines 727.

The ideal candidate is an adventurous, outgoing person with a strong interest in learning about science, the museum Web site says. The winner will perform live science demos, including blowing up chemicals, and interact with museum guests. You have to speak English, be able to lift 40 pounds (the museum site says they’ll come up with something for you to lift) and be able to shoot and edit photos and video.

The winner will have to live in the museum — yes, including sleep — from Oct. 20 to Nov. 18. No slumber parties are allowed.

You have to document your experience, but you’ll walk away $10,000 richer and infinitely nerdier. Plus they promise to give you gadgets. Count me in!

Month at the Museum