Japanese Create Fluorescent Mario from Genetically Engineered Bacteria

Team Osaka's nanobiology lab created a petri-dish image of everyone's favorite Nintendo game character

Nintendo’s Mario has taught us science and even encouraged the development of better artificial intelligence. So it’s only appropriate that Japanese researchers paid homage to everyone’s favorite video game character, by recreating his likeness in a petri dish with genetically engineered glow-in-the-dark bacteria. Warning: we reveal a seizure-inducing Mario animation after the story jump.

Team Osaka submitted their Mario likeness to the 2009 international Genetically Engineered Machine competition (iGEM). They combined standard DNA sequences known as BioBricks with their own special DNA snips to create franken-bacteria that express fluorescent proteins and carotenoid pigments.

You can gawk at this and other fine petri dish masterworks at this New Scientist gallery.

[via New Scientist]