Hubble Snaps Astral Christmas Tree Just In Time For Holidays

‘Tis the season for hokey, holiday-related science! This year’s Christmas/science tie-in comes via NASA, who provided us all with the holiday present of a Christmas-tree-shaped nebula. Located 170,000 light years away, this nebula spawned the super-massive white stars to the right of the tree.

If you’ve made it this far and still can’t see the alleged tree, you’re not alone, as I also had some trouble finding it. Look at the dark space in the middle, not the bright lights, to see the Christmas-tree shape.

Even ignoring my anger over NASA’s inability to find a menorah-shaped constellation to accompany the picture, I think this Christmas miracle is a bad omen. Clearly, the evil god Xenu is back, and he’s screwing with the stars again in an attempt to confuse us puny man-animals. Sure, some see a Christmas tree in that pic, but I see a warning to get my thetans in order.

Happy holidays from beyond the stars!