Inside Astronaut Boot Camp

What does it take to prep humans for a trip to an asteroid or a martian moon? Starvation? Isolation? Recycling feces for food? NASA’s newest astronauts begin a grueling training regimen this fall to find out
By Dawn Stover

PopSci’s Brilliant 10

Meet ten young geniuses shaking up science today. They’re helping to keep us healthy, prevent disasters, and make green energy cheaper than coal. Lucky for us, our future is in their capable hands

Personal Chemistry

Every day we’re exposed to thousands of man-made chemicals, some of which seep into our bodies and remain there for decades. What that means for our health, we don’t fully understand–but I subjected myself to a battery of new tests in search of answers. By Arianne Cohen

Green Dream: Custom-Made Aluminum Windows Save Money and Energy

The build continues, plus four green doors and windows to retrofit your own home


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