Whether your wardrobe is full of impeccably ironed dress shirts or clothing suited for a life painting or gardening, accessorizing with enamel pins and cloth patches is an easy way to amplify your style. Add these small and crafty objects to backpacks, jackets, or lapels for an everyday celebration of your interests—or save them for when you’re feeling fancy. These pieces are great conversation starters with a hat tip to astronomy, biology, and the environment.

The logo that captured the imagination of millions. Amazon

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Share your passion for space exploration with this quality rendition of the official logo of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. This pin is made from enameled copper with silver-colored brass plating, and is 1.25 inches in diameter (a bit larger than a quarter).

What’s not to like? Amazon

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Display your sense of humor (and your twin loves of coffee and astronomy) with this delightful, 1.2-inch pin, which features two pin backs and clutches to ensure it stays on your stuff.

A winning combination, if not anatomically accurate. Amazon

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Let people know your appreciation for both love and intelligence with this beautiful and detailed badge. At 2.2 inches wide and 3.2 inches high, this design is clever and striking. Use an iron to melt the adhesive backing and secure the badge to most material, or sew it onto your item of choice.

Cats in space. Amazon

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We know the chances of getting Morris into a spacesuit without a claw-ridden horror show are pretty much zero. But this cute pin (approximately 1.4 inches tall) has everything feline and space lovers could ever want, including two pin-backs and clutches to keep your astro-cat safely grounded.