Purrtec Encryption Keys protect all your private data with one click

Save 33 percent on the regular price for two.

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Some files are just too important to fall into the wrong hands. While passwords provide some protection, they can be hacked by skillful cybercriminals. Savvi Solutions Purrtec Encryption Keys add a physical layer of defense, meaning no-one can gain unauthorized access to important files. Right now, you can get a two-pack of keys for $79.99 at the PopSci Shop.

Getting hacked is never ideal. But when confidential information is at stake, you can’t afford to take any chances. For security-conscious professionals, Purrtec provides essential protection.

The device lets you apply AES-256 encryption to all your files with a single click. Before anyone can regain access to that data, they will need both your individual encryption key and password. This two-step system makes it virtually impossible for hackers to grab your sensitive files. Even the developers of Purrtec can’t see your data.

Made from high-strength aluminum, Purrtec is about the size of a regular thumb drive. This means you can store it on your keychain and pull it out whenever you need access to your files.

This two-pack of encryption keys is worth $120, but you can grab them now for just $79.99.

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