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Full stack developers are some of the best programmers in the world: these masters of code can churn out both solid front-end design and complex back-end work with ease. The Full Stack Web Development Bundle helps you acquire these skills, with eight video courses and over 122 hours of instruction. Right now, you can pay what you want for the bundle via the Popular Science Shop.

Full stack developers often oversee major projects, using their knowledge to manage junior developers and create outstanding web apps. The Full Stack Web Development Course provides the training necessary for this role, which introduces you to every major web language and tool used in full stack development. Along with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, you learn how to code with Ruby on Rails, Angular 2, PHP, and many more.

The bundle then splits into specialist courses, focusing on the most in-demand frameworks around, including React.JS, MongoDB and Node.JS. You learn through hands-on tutorials, with dozens of project apps to build. You’ll leave the training with an awesome portfolio you can use to impress future clients and potential employers.

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