Drone Racetrack To Open This Summer In San Francisco

With adults-only parties, people can drone under the influence

Drone Sports World Racetrack
Drone Sports World RacetrackScreenshot by author, from YouTube

Indoors, free from the broader constraints of the law, drone racing is taking off.

The Aerial Sports League is a drone racing group. Their logo, a white quadcopter against a blue and black field, appears styled after that of major league sports. And with a new facility they've built at San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts Innovation Hangar, they're hoping to turn drone racing from a private hobby to a spectator sport.

Think of it like a modern Chuck E. Cheese for adults. From Marketwatch:

“We look at this as an entertainment destination,” [Aerial Sports League CEO Marque Cornblatt] said. “People would much rather spend $25 to $50 on a day of playing here.” Cornblatt said parties, like the one this weekend, will occur on a regular basis in the permanent facility as after-hours, adults-only affairs. “We’ve worked as drone entertainment at parties, and we’ve found people who are a bit drunk can even learn how to fly,” he said. “We can get you flying confidently in under five minutes.”

The drones are separated from spectators by a net, so observing even drunk drone pilots should, in theory, be a safe activity. We've already explored drone race tracks in 360-degree video, but it's a whole different experience to see it from the drone's perspective.

Last weekend, the Aerial Sports League held a party to show off the “Drone Sports World,” which they plan to open to the general public later this summer. Check out the invitation video below: