Let’s watch Samsung announce the Galaxy Note 10 and more its Unpacked event

The Galaxy Note 10

Last year, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note 9 at a rather massive press event in Brooklyn. Today, the company is back in the same spot to introduce the Galaxy Note 10 and its bigger sibling the 10+.

The event is live streaming so watch it at the link above or follow along with this post for all the important details with fewer flashing lights, long video presentations, and tech buzz words.

The big news here is the Galaxy Note 10, which you can read about here. The highlights include two models, including a 6.3-inch Galaxy Note 10 and the 6.8-inch surfboard of a phone, the Galaxy S10+. Both phones are, as you might expect, as powerful as anything in Samsung’s lineup and come with the bells and whistles. The selfie camera pokes through a hole in the screen and the fingerprint sensor lives under the display like it does on the Galaxy S10.

The S Pen is still around, of course, and it has some upgrades over the previous model. The upgraded Notes program uses AI to convert handwriting into text with more accuracy, even if you have terrible handwriting as I do.

The S Pen has a six-axis motion sensor, including an accelerometer and a gyroscope so you can control the phone itself using gestures instead of actually touching the phone. It’s a handy feature for controlling the camera if you want to set it on a tripod or a ledge and then shoot video of yourself without holding it in selfie position.

Galaxy Tab S6

We learned about Samsung’s newest tablet last week, but Samsung is using this event as its debut.

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