This powerful Arduino board lets you dive into the world of electronics

The SainSmart UNO is packed with connectivity, and it now has 19 percent off

You would have to be returning from Mars to have missed the Arduino revolution. These powerful microcontrollers allow people with all skill levels to build impressive electronics projects that were previously reserved for big corporations. The SainSmart UNO utilizes all the same software in an even more powerful package. You can get one now for $53.99 via the Popular Science Shop.

Based on the ATmega328, this Arduino board can communicate wirelessly with thousands of smart home devices via ZigBee. This means you can create new smart prototypes that integrate with other devices around your home. Better still, you can do this via the familiar Arduino coding interface.

You can also hook up the sensor shield to external sensors and servos, or utilize the Ethernet shield to create a network stack. It opens up a huge range of possibilities with a tiny, low-power device. Perfect for novices and experts alike, the UNO is great for exploring the world of electronics and building early prototypes for your next big idea.

It’s normally priced at $66.99, but you can currently grab the SainSmart UNO for just $53.99—that’s 19 percent off MSRP.