Discover the world of robotics by building your own tiny car

The SainSmart 4WD Robot Car is pure Arduino-powered fun, now with 18 percent off.

Many of us who would gladly spend the weekends building robots unfortunately lack the technical skills needed. SainSmart’s 4WD Robot Car provides an easier start to your robotics career, supplying everything you need for creating a small Arduino-powered speedster. You can get the kit now for $77.99 via the Popular Science Shop.

There are three major parts to the SainSmart car. The MEGA 2560 microcontroller board is the brains of the operation. This allows you to control the car from your computer using the familiar Arduino coding interface. It connects to the motor and distance sensor via the supplied Arduino Sensor Shield. When you get more comfortable, the shield can also handle servos, relays, buttons, and potentiometers.

The kit also comes with a strong 4WD aluminum mobile robot platform. You can mount the motor and sensor on this frame, along with any controllers, drivers, or RF modules you have lying about. The kit is perfect for first-time roboteers, helping you understand the basics. It also works as the ideal base for future projects.

It’s normally $95.99, but you can grab the SainSmart Robot Car now for just $77.99.