This Russian Camera Looks Like A Gameboy Crossed With A Gun

Just say “shoot”

gbg-8 Camera Gun

gbg-8 Camera Gun

Screenshot by author, from Vimeo

With a click of the trigger, the gbg-8 shoots! Except it's not expelling bullets; it's taking a picture. In essence, the gbg-8 is a camera masquerading as a gun. After taking a photo, with a camera mounted inside the "barrel," the image become visible on the cannibalized screen of a gameboy mounted on the side of this weird piece of cyberpunk gadgetry. In seconds, a thermal printer then spits out the image on paper.

Made by the artist vtol in Moscow, it seems less about the functionality--there are better cameras and portable printers out there--and more about the materials used. Built from a game boy, an arduino board, a camera of unknown origin, and a thermal printer, gbg-8 is an alternate vision of the 1990s where polaroids were outlawed and only outlaws made polaroids.

Watch it in action below: