Learn a foreign language for your summer travels with Rosetta Stone

CNN calls it “the gold standard” of language learning.

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Thanks to technology, it’s possible to travel around any country without being able to speak the language. But if you can’t talk to the locals, you will definitely miss out on culture. Rosetta Stone’s award-winning language learning software can help you get up to speed before your summer vacation. Right now, there are seven language courses available for $199 each at the PopSci Shop.

Described by CNN as “the gold standard” of language learning, Rosetta Stone has led the pack for nearly three decades. The software is trusted by NASA and TripAdvisor, and it has earned many awards over the years.

Unlike dry textbooks, Rosetta Stone provides a variety of interactive exercises to help you learn. You start with simple picture quizzes, which teach you some basic words.

With some vocabulary lodged in your brain, you can then begin speaking. Rosetta Stone uses TruAccent technology, which analyzes your voice 100 times per second and compares your accent with that of native speakers.

By the end of each program, you should have the conversation skills to share your opinions on pop culture, order in a restaurant, and take a taxi.

Order now for $199 to enjoy lifetime access to any single language course, with a choice of Spanish, Japanese, French, US English, German, Mandarin Chinese, and Italian.

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