Meet RokBlok, the world’s smallest wireless record player

It’s yours to own for $85.

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While streaming songs is convenient, many audiophiles are still in love with vinyl. The grooves somehow provide a warmer, richer sound than any digital file ever could. Of course, carrying around a turntable isn’t easy — but there is an alternative. RokBlok is the only record player with Bluetooth that actually fits in your pocket. You can pick up this ingenious device now for $99 at the PopSci Shop. Use code SEMIANNUAL for 15 percent off.

On a turntable, a record slowly rotates beneath a static stylus. But what if you switched things around? With RokBlok, the vinyl lies still on any flat surface. The record player then gently rolls around and around the grooves, picking up the sound.

On the underside of RokBlok, you find a small diamond-tipped stylus and three small wheels with soft rubber treads. To play your record, you simply place RokBlok on top of the vinyl. You can easily stop the device at any time using the large metal handle, and there are two speeds to pick from.

RokBlok has a built-in speaker complete with an amplifier. You can also connect your favorite Bluetooth speaker for a little more volume.

Order now to get 15 percent off RokBlok with code SEMIANNUAL, bringing the price down to $85.

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