This notebook lets you erase all your notes and start again

Save 25 percent on the clever Rocketbook Wave.

Many of us still love the feeling of pen on paper. But what happens when your nice new notebook is full? You’re going to have to buy another. The Rocketbook Wave Reusable Smart Notebook lets you escape this wasteful cycle, with pages that can be digitized and erased. You can get your Rocketbook now for just $19.99 at the PopSci Shop—and save an extra 10 percent with code VACATION10.

Once you fill your Wave notebook, the first step is to archive your notes. The companion app lets you quickly snap each page and send a copy to your online accounts. You can choose your destination for each note by marking the icons at the bottom of the page. The Rocketbook app works to Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneNote, Box, and many more platforms.

With your notes safely backed up, you can then erase the entire notebook with a quick blast in the microwave. This trick works five times over, meaning you use less paper. It’s the perfect blend of traditional and digital note-taking.

Normally $27, the Rocketbook Wave is now just $19.99 for a limited time.