Discover robotics and the technology behind self-driving cars

This 20-hour course helps you start coding intelligent Python programs.

Predicting future trends is always tricky. But it seems probable that self-driving cars are here to stay. You can learn all about the technology with The Robotics and Machine Learning of Self-Driving Cars course. Through 20 hours of tutorials, you discover how to code your own miniature vehicles with Python. You can start learning now for $49 at the Popular Science Shop.

Making a car steer itself around corners is difficult. Getting that same car to navigate crossroads and avoid other vehicles is seriously clever. To make the magic happen, you need to draw on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and plenty of robotics. This course teaches each of these subjects in depth, starting from scratch.

Through hands-on video lessons, you discover how developers create programs that can think for themselves. You then learn how to code your own intelligent programs with Python. The course goes on to cover neural networks, and how to control physical components with an Arduino microcontroller. It’s the ideal education for aspiring computer scientists.

Worth $1000, the course is now just $49 with lifetime access included.