Robots photo

An open-source project by a group called Robots for Good could soon let sick children, stuck in hospital rooms, experience virtual adventures from their beds.

The program consists of three main pieces: a 3D-printed robot from InMoov, an open-source Segway from OpenWheels, and an Oculus Rift VR headset.

The idea is that when the three components are combined, a sick child will have complete control over the robot, guiding it around an environment. The first location for the children to explore will be the London Zoo, where they will “touch, talk and listen to the animals as if they were really there.” It’s not hard to imagine the robots being dispatched to other locations, such as a sporting event or concert.

According to Engadget, the robot can be built for around $2,500. The project stands to improve the lives of parents and their children who are faced with being stuck in a hospital for extended amounts of time, while other kids are outside being, well, kids.

Robots for Good is looking for volunteers who can help build a small robot army; if that’s something you’re interested in doing, be sure to check out the volunteer page.