Give the gift of smooth video with this smartphone gimbal

Perfect for photographers and now 59 percent off.

What separates the YouTube stars from the rest of us? Big personality? Perhaps. But you might also notice that the videos are really well made. For any aspiring video maker, the Rigiet Smartphone Gimbal offers an easy way to record silky smooth footage, even if you are getting active. Right now, this smart support is just $109.99 at the PopSci Shop.

This gimbal works like a shock absorber for your phone or action camera. Once you frame your shot, your device remains motionless. No matter how you move the handle, the gimbal will hold the pose. This works in both landscape and portrait mode.

But that’s not all. The Rigiet has built-in controls on the handle, meaning you can easily start and stop recording with one hand. In addition, the controls allow you to zoom or switch between the front and rear cameras on your smartphone.

With the Rigiet app installed on your phone, you can tap the screen to make the gimbal follow people and objects. The app also allows you to capture timelapses, panoramas and slow motion footage.

It’s normally $269, but you can get the Rigiet gimbal now for $109.99.