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If you haven’t rollerbladed since you were a kid, are just vying to try something new, or have a kid that wants to start skating, it’s time to pick up the ol’ (or brand new) inline skates to shake things up. In addition to being a super fun activity, rollerblading has a wide range of health benefits like weight loss, building up muscle strength and endurance, and reducing stress and the risk of heart disease. But getting the right pair of skates is crucial to achieving your goals, whatever they may be. The best rollerblades will support your feet and ankles, be comfortable enough so you can enjoy the ride, and have sturdy frames. The level you’re at in your inline skating abilities will determine the rest. So whether you’re just beginning or have some years under your belt, glide on through our selects for the best rollerblades.

What to consider when shopping for the best rollerblades

When picking the best rollerblades, a few things to consider are who they are for, their skill level, and where they plan on skating (indoors or outdoors). From there, you can narrow down which features are necessary and which are just an added bonus. Before making your purchase, be specific with exactly what you’re looking for.

Rollerblades vs. roller skates?

To choose between the two, you first need to answer where you want to use them. The main difference between the two is the positioning of the wheels. Rollerblades generally have one single frame usually with four wheels while roller skates have two hangars, one by the toe and the other by the heel, both with two wheels. If you plan on skating outside, inline skates will be your best bet because the larger wheels are better for rough surfaces. If you’re going to the roller rink or having a disco party, then the obvious choice would be roller skates. Their shorter wheelbase makes it easier for quick turns and rockin’ dance moves. 

Will a kid be wearing them?

When choosing a pair of rollerblades for kids, safety will be the number one factor. You’ll want a pair that are supportive, cushioned, durable, and have a great braking system—one brake is best to prevent falling. Rollerblades can be an investment, so it’s important to find a pair that will grow with your kid’s feet, which grow very quickly. To keep up, grab a pair of adjustable skates so you can alter the size when necessary.

Do you plan on skating inside or outside?

Whether you want to skate inside or outside will determine the type of skates you get. The main difference will be the type of wheels. When skating indoors, you can use smaller, harder wheels, but when skating outside, you’ll want wheels that are thicker and a bit softer to be able to go over things like random debris, grass, or gravel.

Do you want to try something new?

Do you want to give the old rollerblades a rest? Have a need for speed? You might want to consider electric rollerblades. They may take a bit of time to get used to, but once you get the hang of it you’ll never want to turn back. Many of the newer styles are self-balancing, so you really just need to get on and go. Of course, there’s a bit more to it, but with electric rollerblades, you can travel up to 7.5 mph and have about 45 minutes of battery power to ride.

What level skater are you?

There are different features on rollerblades to look for depending on whether you’re a novice or more advanced.If you’re a beginner, you’ll want a skate boot with a hard shell and soft upper for support and comfort. A lower center of gravity will also provide more stability. The wheel size shouldn’t be too small or too big, as you want something that is good for outside but won’t go too fast. Wheels between 80mm and 84mm are best. More advanced skaters can consider wheels that are 84mm to gain more speed and velocity when riding. 

Are you on a budget?

If you’re on a budget, there are plenty of great rollerblades you can get for under $110. 

They may not have as much comfort or padding as the more expensive options do, but you may not need it. The most important factors are a secure and durable frame and wheels that fit what you need (which will depend on inside vs. outside skating). To ensure safety measures are intact, be sure to read the reviews when available. 

The best rollerblades

There are countless rollerblades on the market to choose from. Be honest with yourself when determining your skill level and likely place of use—getting a pair that looks cute but doesn’t serve your needs is a recipe for disaster. Narrow down your search with these picks.

The best rollerblades for women: Rollerblade Macroblade 80 Women’s Inline Skate



If you’re looking to pick up rollerblading, the Rollerblade Macroblade Inline Skates are for you. Designed for casual inline skating and beginner skaters, the higher cuff along with the padding and breathability in the tongue and ankle areas offer comfort and security. To ensure your feet stay in the skate safety, there is a buckle, power strap, and lace-up closure system. These rollerblades for women have top-notch grip and roll, and the 80mm wheels and SG5 bearings are the perfect combination to maintain both speed and control. If you want more speed, you can easily upgrade your wheels to 84mm.

The best rollerblades for men: Bladerunner by Rollerblade Advantage Pro XT



Whether you’re just starting out or diving back in, the Bladerunner by Rollerblade skates are a great set of wheels. They’re the best rollerblades for men for a reason—to enhance control and security, these skates combine a built-in aluminum frame with generous padding. With strategically placed padding, you’ll notice a more comfortable fit, which will reduce foot fatigue for a more enjoyable ride. The combination of 80mm wheels and ABEC 7 bearings creates a more balanced and controlled ride with less effort for good speed.

The best rollerblades for kids: PAPAISON Adjustable Inline Skates



Available in three colors and four unisex sizes, the PAPAISON skates are the perfect selection for your kids as they grow. The size can be easily adjusted by unbuckling the strap, pressing the button, and pulling the toe. Along with the cushioned liner offering generous support and comfort, these rollerblades for kids feature a thickened shell and an aluminum alloy frame with a lower center of gravity to provide stability and control. As an added safety measure, the single brake design on the right foot (as opposed to both feet) prevents kids from falling backward when braking. Best of all are the illuminated wheels—what kid doesn’t love light-up wheels? 

The best rollerblades for the adventurous: Segway Ninebot Drift W1 Electric Roller Skates



While these electric rollerblades might seem futuristic, they’re actually really great (and available) for the present. Easy to get the hang of, the Drift W1’s use Segway’s next-generation self-balancing technology. The hub motor and spindle-shaped tread are designed for better flexible steering. Smart features like the slip-resistant pads and rubber tires help to improve stability when you’re on the go. Weighing just under 18 pounds with built-in straps, these e-skates can be easily carried and can support up to 220 pounds. The fully charged battery can run up to 45 minutes and go up to 7.5 mph. Should anything happen to your skates, the warranty (one year or 180 days, depending on the part) will have you covered.

The best affordable rollerblades: LIKU Professional Inline Skates



For $106, the LIKU unisex skates are a great set of rollerblades. The aluminum alloy one-piece frame is rust-proof and stabilizing. Front and back ventilation holes make them breathable while the soles include shock absorbers for a smooth ride when the road gets a little bumpy. The wheels are high-elastic, which can offset impact and protect your ankles and knees. The lining offers padding and is removable, so you can take it out and wash it. The only downside here is you may not find the extensive cushioning you want.


Q: Is rollerblading bad for knees?

While rollerblading does have a bad reputation when it comes to knee damage, the truth is that you might develop a knee problem only if you’re not keeping the right posture or twist them while inline skating. Rollerblading does require core and leg strength, so it has been suggested to practice strength-building exercises or yoga so you don’t end up hurting your knees. In actuality, if you’re doing it correctly, rollerblading is easier on the knees than running is. Additionally, wearing the right protective gear will help protect your knees should you fall (hey, it happens).

Q: Is rollerblading good for weight loss?

Yes! In addition to weight loss, there are all sorts of health benefits that come from rollerblading. It helps build density and endurance in muscle groups like your lower back muscle, hips, buttocks, upper leg muscles, and arms (more so than running and cycling). It also improves your balance and posture, and it’s known to significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and stress.


What are the best rollerblades for outside use?

First of all, the key difference between inside and outside rollerblades is the wheel diameter. A good rule of thumb is that indoor skates typically require smaller, harder wheels while outside skates require larger, softer wheels. A great pair of outside rollerblades are the Rollerblade Zetrablade Men’s Inline Skates

The final word on shopping for the best rollerblades

When shopping for the best rollerblades, there are key factors to take into consideration to find the best set for you. If you’re a beginner, start with a pair that’s beginner-friendly with a supportive, cushioned boot and the right size wheels. If you have some experience, you can switch it up with different-sized wheels and even a lower boot. Whether you’re shopping for a kid or want to try e-skates, once you nail down the specifics you’ll know exactly what you need to prioritize when getting in line to find the perfect inline.