Whether your mom is putting on her college favorites or you’re playing her your latest SoundCloud find, there’s nothing like bonding over a mutual love of music. For Mother’s Day 2021, a quality pair of Bluetooth headphones makes the best gift for moms who love streaming music—she can use them while she works from home or on walks with the dog. This Mother’s Day, fashion-forward Swedish brand Urbanista is offering a buy-one-get-one-free personal, portable audio deal for Mother’s Day, so Mom can have a pair for her office and another for her purse. Here’s what to know before buying these bluetooth earphones as Mother’s Day gifts. To access the deal, add two pairs of earphones to your cart and one will be deducted at checkout.

Bluetooth earphones for Mother’s Day: Urbanista Paris True Wireless Earphones


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Getting wireless earphones synced up to your device for the first time can be a bit of a struggle (make sure they’re fully charged before using). But once they’re going, Mom can enjoy her favorite tunes without tangled wires or background noise. 

Urbanista’s Paris Bluetooth earphones are available in four stylish colors—midnight black, fluffy cloud (white), rose gold, and olive green—and come with a wireless (Qi-compatible) charging case (giving the earphones up to 20 hours play time with a fully charged case). A selection of newly developed silicone tips makes sure Mom can get a secure seal (a must for good bass response and noise reduction), and she won’t need to worry about them falling out of her ear while she’s on the go. Bluetooth 5.0 makes them compatible with all iOS and Android devices, and one of the best features is your ability to activate functions with the touch-control, microphone-equipped stems—instead of pulling out your phone every time you want to answer a call, pull up Siri/Google Assistant, increase the volume, etc., you can just tap on a specific side/section. If you want to listen to the last track again, for instance, hold your finger against the left earbud for two seconds (and, to skip ahead, do the same on the right).

The final word on Urbanista Paris True Wireless Earphones

While the Urbanista Paris bluetooth earphones may be a bit difficult to set up initially, they provide the same quality sound at a cheaper price than similar Bluetooth earphones on the market (they’re looking at you, Apple AirPods). They help block out background noise so you can focus on the music (or Netflix show). With IPX5 water-resistance, they’re perfect for your active, out-and-about mom—and if you take advantage of Urbanista’s  BOGO deal for Mother’s Day, she won’t need to worry about forgetting her only pair at home. To access the deal, add two pairs of earphones to your cart and one will be deducted at checkout.