Best kiddie pools of 2023

Instead of blasting kids with the AC indoors, consider investing in one of the best kiddie pools around.

Best inflatable

The Homech Inflatable Swimming Pool is the best inflatable kiddie pool.

Homech Inflatable Swimming Pool

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Best with slide

The Action Air Inflatable Waterslide is the best kiddie pool with a slide.

Action Air Inflatable Waterslide

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Best for splashing

The Sprinkler and Splash Pad for Kids is the best splash kiddie pool.

Sprinkler and Splash Pad for Kids

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A bright and colorful kiddie pool is an absolute essential, and for good reason. They’re (mostly) inexpensive, require very little effort to set up, and they offer you and your kids a much-needed escape from the heat. But even if you’re not looking to get into the water with the kiddos, you can grab your laptop and folding desk to supervise while getting some work done nearby. Seriously, investing in an inflatable kiddie pool is a win-win situation: Your kids get access to unlimited outdoor entertainment, and you’re afforded uninterrupted work time until you’re ready to hop in for a cooling dip, too.

Best inflatable: Inflatable Swimming Pool
Best with slide: Action Air Inflatable Waterslide
Best for small yards: Garden Round Inflatable Baby Swimming Pool
Best for splashing: Sprinkler and Splash Pad for Kids
Best budget: Intex Inflatable Pool

Factors to consider when choosing the best kiddie pool

A new blow-up pool is a great option if you don’t want to commit to something pricier and more permanent. Since they’re usually made of plastic and are easy to store away when the weather changes, they’re easy to pull out quickly, even on those unexpected hot days.

But how do you decide which one to choose? When purchasing a backyard pool, it’s important to figure out what you want for you and your family. Do you prefer a huge kiddie pool with a slide attached or something simple, like a splash pad? Do you want to go with an inflatable kiddie pool—which may require you to buy a separate pump? After you’ve figured out some of your must-have features, it’s important to consider how much space you can spare for your new pool setup. Finally, take a realistic look at your budget. Does a cheap kiddie pool suffice or are you comfortable splurging on a model with some bells and whistles?

Whatever you decide, there are plenty of options from which to choose. To help you and your family get their splash on, check out this list of the best kiddie pools to keep your little loved ones cool.

 Do you prefer a foldable or an inflatable pool for the kiddos?

While searching for the best kiddie pool available, you’re likely to come across two basic types: foldable and inflatable. A foldable pool needs to be filled with water to fully hold its shape, while an inflatable pool can hold its shape on its own once it has been blown up. An inflatable kiddie pool may be  a better option since you won’t have to worry about the pool collapsing around the kids if the water isn’t filled to the proper height. On that note, this Inflatable Swimming Pool is one of the best inflatable pools available.

Tight on space? A small kiddie pool might be best for you

If you’re looking for the best small kiddie pool because you’re tight on space, then look no further than the Garden Round Baby Swimming Pool. The pool is inflatable and is 47 inches wide and 8 inches high. This pool will be especially perfect for younger and smaller kids under adult supervision.

This pick comes in two eye-catching colors and features a host of friendly sea creatures and plants to hold your kids’ attention. The base of the pool is also inflatable, which puts a little bit of cushion between your little ones and the hard ground beneath them. And when the weather changes, its small size makes it perfect to bring inside and turn into a ball pit. You can’t go wrong with this inflatable kiddie pool that has a fun waterslide, a bouncy house, and a climbing wall. 

Are you trying to make a splash?

While even just having a small pool is great, you could take things to the next level with the best splash kiddie pool around. The Sprinkler and Splash Pad for Kids is 67 feet by 39 inches and comes in two beautiful designs. It has an inflatable support rim for your kids to hold on to while they splash around. What’s more, the best part is the fact that you can quickly and easily attach your garden hose to power up the giant sprinkler. When in use, the splash pad will have water cascading around your kids, giving them the feeling of standing in an actual waterfall.

The splash pad can accommodate three to five toddlers playing together, and it’s even big enough for adults to get in on the action. This model is made of thick, durable, and non-toxic PVC, which holds up nicely against heavy water pressure.

Looking for an affordable kiddie pool?

If you’re looking for the best cheap kiddie pool, then you can’t go wrong with the Intex Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool. Intex is one of the more popular brands when it comes to inflatable pools, so don’t worry about getting a product of inferior quality. This pool is 6.5 inches deep and measures around 45 feet by 10 feet, which makes it big enough for your munchkins, but it might be a little tight for adults. Intex describes this product as a great starter pool, and it has the same three-ring design as several other options available. It also comes with repair patches in case of any accidents during playtime.

While you aren’t getting a bad product, you also aren’t getting any bells and whistles with this purchase either. Sure, there’s no splash pad, no slide, and no sprinkler system, but you’re getting a quality product that makes a great addition to any backyard and your kids’ playtime.

The best kiddie pools: Our picks

Best inflatable kiddie pool: Inflatable Swimming Pool

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This inflatable kiddie pool is easy to set up and comes with a sun shelter that promises to protect you and your family from harmful UV rays. It holds over 300 gallons of water and is the perfect size to fit most (solo) adults and children over the age of 3. This pool measures 118 by 72 by 22 inches, making it great for both kids and adults to enjoy. The structure stands firm with the help of three individual air chambers with valves that are compatible with electric air pumps, allowing you a quick and easy way to inflate and deflate. The pool is made from a 0.4mm thick, BPA-free plastic PVC material that’ll keep its cool even on the hottest day. Another major selling point for this kiddie pool is its detachable sun shelter, which provides a bit of shade while protecting you from the harmful rays of the sun. Once playtime is over, simply pull the plug at the bottom of the Homech Inflatable Swimming Pool to quickly drain the water away until the next pool party.

Best kiddie pool with slide: Action Air Inflatable Waterslide

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Best small kiddie pool: Garden Round Baby Swimming Pool

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Best splash kiddie pool: Sprinkler and Splash Pad for Kids

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As its name suggests, the Sprinkler and Splash Pad for Kids works as a giant sprinkler when you attach a water hose. Your kids will have the time of their little lives as they splash and swim and seek to beat the heat.

Best budget kiddie pool: Intex Inflatable Pool

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The Intex Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool offers an inexpensive, yet durable and super fun way for your kids to enjoy their warmer days.


Q: How to choose a kiddie pool?

Choosing a kiddie pool will ultimately come down to your personal needs, your space, and your budget. Are you looking for a cheaper option? Then go with the Intex Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool. But if you’re looking to splurge and your kids want more of a waterpark, the Action Air Inflatable Waterslide is the way to go.

Q: Are kiddie pools safe?

Kiddie pools are usually safe if you’re paying attention and practicing good safety habits. We know these pools can potentially pose a drowning risk, so it’s important that you monitor your kids carefully while they play. Additionally, according to the CDC, kiddie pools also create an environment for kids to spread germs easily. It’s recommended that you empty and clean the pool daily and that you avoid adding bleach or pool disinfectant (chlorine or bromine) to the water when refilling.

Q: How long do kiddie pools last?

How long your kiddie pool lasts will depend on how well you take care of it. By the end of the year, your new pool might not be looking as good as it did on day one, but that doesn’t mean you should toss it. With proper care, your kiddie pool should be able to last you a few years, at least.

The final word on choosing the best kiddie pool

The best kiddie pool for your family depends on budget, space, and personal preference. There are several great options on this list, whether you go with a wallet-friendly option or an entire blow-up waterpark, we’re sure you and your kids will be satisfied with any one of these refreshing and entertaining pools.


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