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The best Father’s Day gift ideas have come a long way from the days of neckties and hilarious aprons. Today’s gifts for dad can be high tech, low tech, high-end or low-brow. Clothes, gadgets, books, gag gifts, executive desk toys…where do you start? To navigate the wide world of dad gifts and find the very best presents for Father’s Day 2021, you need a helpful guide. 

Not all dads are the same. While greeting card companies assume every American dad enjoys golf and fishing, there are millions of fathers with unique tastes and varied interests. Luckily there are great Father’s Day gift ideas perfect for dads of all shapes, sizes, and hobbies. Branch out from the typical gift cards and (another?!) framed photo of (another?!) grandkid. Pick a gift that works for your dad. With this guide, you’ll find gift ideas for dads who like music, dads who like to cook, dads who like sports, and dads who don’t like anything. 

Get the best Father’s Day gift ideas

What makes for great Father’s Day gift ideas?

To score the best gifts for dad, it’s the thought that counts. Ask yourself: What has dad been doing lately? What has he been talking about? What shows has he been watching? What books has he been bragging about reading? Your dad has changed since the days you made him a homemade card out of dried macaroni and glitter. He may have found new hobbies or given up old ones. And that means it’s time to think outside the box and find a unique Father’s Day gift that your dad will truly enjoy. 

How much do you want to spend on dad gifts?

To find cool gifts for dad, start with a budget. How much should you spend on dad gifts? It’s up to you. Generally, anything between $50 and $100 should be good, but feel free to splurge if your dad is worth it, or if you want to make your siblings look like jerks. And plan ahead so you won’t need to buy last-minute Father’s Day gifts at the convenience store, even if your dad really does love beef jerky and energy drinks. Open your mind to these cool Father’s Day gifts and give dad something he’ll love.

The best Father’s Day gifts for dad 

Father’s Day gift ideas for home chefs: Kyocera knife


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Armed with this ceramic kitchen knife from Kyocera’s Innovation series, even the most home chefs can play the part of a full-blown epicure. The knife is crafted in Japan from a proprietary, zirconia-infused ceramic material designed to maximize durability and sharpness. If your dad knows his way around the kitchen, or merely wants an overpowered way to make a sandwich, the Kyocera is a best Father’s Day gift.

Father’s Day gift ideas for nutrition-conscious dads: Nutribullet Blender Combo


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One of the best Father’s Day gifts is the gift of good health. And the first step to a healthy lifestyle is making your own meals, which is easy with the Nutribullet Blender Combo. The high-speed blender has three precision speeds with pulse and extraction functions. All that power is easily controlled via Nutribullet’s new touch screen. The 64-ounce pitcher is great for making big batches of juice, and the included 32-ounce and 20-ounce cups are perfect for grabbing single servings on the go. Dad can quickly make drinks, soups, sauces and more with this smart, sleek blender. 

Best gift for mixologists: Cask and Kettle Hot Cocktails

Cask and Kettle

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Here’s a fun Father’s Day gift for the dad or grandad who has (almost) everything. Cask and Kettle Hot Cocktails use the same technology as your basic single-serve coffee maker but with some extra zip for the over-21 crowd. There’s an ounce of distilled spirits (vodka, tequila, whisky, etc.) mixed with coffee, tea and other flavors inside the tiny pods. Just pop them into a regular Keurig machine and you’ll have an adults-only cup of coffee or tea in seconds.

Best gifts for dads who love action-movies: Die Hard: The Ultimate Visual History

James Mottram, David S. Cohen, John McTiernan

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Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie. It’s a Father’s Day movie. Get dad a cool Father’s Day gift with this fantastic collection of photos from his favorite action movie. Dad will discover how Die Hard evolved from a simple thriller to an American icon. Authors James Mottram and David S. Cohen are Hollywood scholars who had unprecedented access to every bit of Die Hard lore and fantastic images. This unique tome is worthy of dad’s coffee table or library.

Best gift for indoor grilling: George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill

George Foreman

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Give dad a unique Father’s Day gift that works in just about any location. Outdoor grilling is fun, unless the sky opens up and pours rain on the party. But with the George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor electric grill, your dad can keep the party going by cooking the burgers and veggies in a dry kitchen. The grill heats up in about five minutes, so it’s perfect for impromptu parties or just heating up leftovers for lunch. 

Best Father’s Day gifts for audiophiles: Beyerdynamic 459038 DT 990 PRO open Studio Headphone


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Beyerdynamic headphones are known for their quality and comfort. The velour ear cushions are like strapping two fluffy clouds to your head. And the German headphones produce impressive tonal depth, so dad can pick out all the right notes in his favorite songs. The studio-grade headphones are also great for computers and laptops, whether your dad is a gamer or needs to hop into virtual meetings in his home office. And if your dad wants to get the band back together, these headphones are one cool Father’s Day gift to help him relive the dream.

 Best Father’s Day gifts for thirsty dads: GrowlerWerks uKeg Go Carbonated Growler and Craft Beverage Dispenser


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This unique Father’s Day gift is more than just a steampunk Thermos. The GrowlerWerks uKeg lets your dad bring his favorite carbonated beverage (beer, cider or soda) anywhere and it will stay frothy and cold in this 64-ounce personal keg. Whether your dad makes his own beer or is just a craft-beer enthusiast, he can use this pressurized tank to keep and carry his most beloved of liquids. Give your dad the best Father’s Day gift he didn’t even know he needed. 

Best Father’s Day gift ideas for organizing: BarvA Wood Docking Station Tray

Anything that helps your dad navigate the modern world is a great Father’s Day gift. And this unique wood docking station from BarvA is as beautiful as it is useful with dedicated spots for phones, wallets, and everything else your dad carries. It can also be a great Father’s Day gift for grandpas who need a little help keeping things tidy. The organizer features a glasses hanger, watch holder and trays for change, credit cards, a wallet, and writing utensils. This is more than an easy Father’s Day gift, it can be a gentle reminder to get dad to take better care of his stuff.

Best gift for staying fit: Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker


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Workout tracking gadgets may seem like wonderful Father’s Day gift ideas, but some of these trackers and watches can be overcomplicated. If this is his first fitness tracker, get dad a basic Fitbit Charge 4. It’s easy to set up, manage and wear. The Fitbit Charge 4 does everything you want a fitness tracker to do: Monitor heart rate and oxygen levels, count steps, record sleep data, and keep tabs on all daily activity, from walking to swimming. Fitbit software and apps are user-friendly and can be fun, as your dad sets goals and blasts through his own personal stats. The Fitbit Charge 4 is a great gift for any dad.

Best gift for dads who hate yard work: OUHOUG Mini Chainsaw, 4-Inch Portable Rechargeable Cordless Power Chain Saw


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Buying dad a full-sized, gas-powered chainsaw is great if your dad needs to chop down entire trees or scare pesky campers. But for the average pruning job around the yard a mini electric chainsaw is a safer, more practical Father’s Day gift. The OUHOUG mini chainsaw is powerful enough to rip through fallen tree limbs and chop overgrown shrubs. But the 4-inch blade can be operated safely with one hand, freeing up the other hand to hold tree limbs in place. The mighty rechargeable lithium battery can last up to three hours on a single charge, and this gift comes with a spare battery to keep your dad sawing all afternoon. 

Best Father’s Day gift on a budget: Crocs Santa Cruz Loafers

These Crocs are not the ugly rubber sandals that have become the punchline of the internet. They are hip, fabric slip-ons that any dad would look good wearing. The super-comfortable and casual Crocs Loafers are part bedroom slipper, part backyard-barbeque footwear. Available in a wide variety of colors (including camouflage!) you can find a pair that will go with your dad’s summer wardrobe. The synthetic sole feels surprisingly soft and the toe box is spacious enough for dads with wide feet. If you need a fast and cheap Father’s Day present, give dad a touch of class with the most elegant Croc available. 

The final word about great Father’s Day gift ideas 

The best Father’s Day gift ideas are fun and functional, cool and unique. Use this guide to help narrow your search and find the right Father’s Day gift for your specific dad. Whether he loves the outdoors or hasn’t left the house in a year, you can get dad a gift that shows you really care. Skip the impersonal gift cards and car-wash coupons. This year, get your dad something he actually wants, something he will actually use, and…best of all…something he will actually remember. 

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