Returning Astronauts, Snowshoe Art, And Other Amazing Images Of The Week

Plus, a creepy looking zombie fish

Spectacular Science

Wellcome Trust announced its 2015 finalists for the biomedical research charity’s annual photography contest. This image of a cross-section of a mouse’s brain, shows just how spectacular biology can be–and how tough the contest’s competition is.

Italian F-35

Lockheed Martin announced this week the completion of an Italian F-35 fighter plane. This is the first one of its kind built outside of the United States with seven more in the works in Cameri, Italy.

Spring Has Sprung

What a difference a week makes. Clocks have been adjusted and the winter freeze is starting to thaw, as evident in these images of the Midwest as seen from the Modis satellite.

Welcome Home

Three astronauts who were aboard the International Space Station returned to Earth this week in the Soyuz TMA-14M spacecraft. The ship landed in Kazakhstan after making it through the layer of clouds that line the bottom of this image.


Last week, #SciArt filled Twitter with awesome science images and illustrations of everything from microorganisms to dinosaurs. This is one of a Compsognathus, a predatory dinosaur from the Jurassic period.

Quick Flare-up

The sun had a huge solar flare, as captured here in extreme ultraviolet light. This one was close to the edge of the sun, so it likely had no real impact on Earth.

Zombie Fish

Researchers at the Australian Museum named a new species of this zombie-looking coffinfish. The Eastern Tadpole Coffinfish lives more than 3,000 feet underwater in Australia’s oceans.

Snowshoe Art

A ski resort in Alberta, Canada created large-scale art using snowshoes and a compass. The images could only be seen from an aerial view and sometimes took up about 11 hours to make. The artist, Simon Beck, has been making these designs for more than 10 years.

Wi-Fi Map

A professor decided to map out his Wi-Fi strength using a color-changing LED, a laptop, and a wood mill. The different colors indicate how strong the signal is (red is weak, while blue/green is strong).

New Island

Earlier this year, a underwater volcanic eruption created a new island in the Pacific Ocean. It’s stuck around long enough for a hotel owner to visit and capture this amazing shot of the new land mass.