Retro Gaming Console
Retro Gaming Console. Stack Commerce

It’s blatantly obvious that modern games are prettier than titles from the past. But are they actually more fun to play? In many cases, gameplay is sacrificed in favor of graphics. The Retro Gaming Console provides an antidote to this malaise, with over 600 pre-loaded classics to enjoy. It’s a great gift for any gamer, and it’s now just $44.99 at the PopSci Shop.

Designed to look exactly like an old Nintendo machine, this console lets you explore a world of lost games. Instead of plugging in massive cartridges, you simply select what you want to play from the internal memory. With hundreds of titles to choose from, you have no excuse for boredom.

Another modern upgrade is portability. The Retro Gaming Console is small enough to take anywhere — ideal for squeezing in some play time during the holidays. It works with an HDMI display, automatically adapting to the screen size. Mario never looked so crisp.

With two controllers in the box, you can also take on your buddies. Just like the console, the controllers hark back to the golden age of home gaming.

It’s worth $299.99, but you can get the console now for $44.99.