Research Buoy Mistaken For Pokéball, Taken From Sea

Buoy are these guys idiots.

Let’s be clear: pokéballs aren’t real. There are no real pokéballs. Got it? Good, because some California people don’t, and apparently they pulled a research buoy out of the water because it looked too much like a pokéball not to take.

A report by researchers from the Marine Science Institute at UC Santa Barbara said that, “Isla Vista Pokémon Go enthusiasts” saw a buoy attached to some kelp, swam out, brought it back to shore, discovered it was not in fact a pokéball, and then (responsibly, thankfully) called the number on the buoy to report finding it.

Admittedly, research buoys aren’t the worst thing people have found while Pokémon Go hunting. The dead body was real—unlike the pokéball.

[H/T Nerdist]