For several hours yesterday, thousands of men and hundreds of horses clashed in battle outside of Moscow. Armed with muskets, bayonets, and cavalry sabers, the reenactors play-acted the Napoleonic Battle of Borodino. In a completely modern twist, the entire spectacle was captured by drone. This is a view not even the Little Corporal could see in his lifetime.

Fought on September 7th, 1812, the Battle of Borodino was a technical French victory, as the invading army of 130,000 defeated the 120,000 Russian defenders. Fought to a stalemate, the Russians retreated at night, leaving clear the path of Moscow.

While the battle was a French victory, the Russian army remained relatively intact. Napoleon, who refused to commit his reserve of troops to the battle, was unable to break the army, and found himself shortly thereafter occupying an empty and burnt-out Russian, unable to feed his army. (It turns out that having drone scouts could change the shape of almost any historical battle). Napoleon’s long retreat is documented in perhaps the best infographic of all time.

The video of this reenactment comes from RT Ruptly, a branch of the RT Russian state-owned news agency based in Germany. Watch the full video below: