5 products that will help you reduce your carbon footprint

Go green with up to 60 percent off MSRP.

With new temperature records being set around the world this summer, the latest heatwave is an uncomfortable reminder of climate change. If you want to do your bit for the planet, these products can help you reduce your carbon footprint—now with up to 60 percent off MSRP via the PopSci Shop.

Collapsible Reusable Straw with Cleaner & Case
Collapsible Reusable Straw with Cleaner & Case Stack Commerce

This stainless steel straw is a great alternative to single-use plastic. The BPA-free metal folds into four, meaning you can carry this straw in your pocket. It’s also easy to clean, thanks to the supplied brush. You can get it now for just $24.99—that’s 50 percent off.

EcoQube Air Desktop Greenhouse
EcoQube Air Desktop Greenhouse Stack Commerce

Plants naturally absorb CO2, and this desktop greenhouse lets you cultivate a little greenery indoors with zero effort. In addition, the EcoQube provides smart light therapy to help you sleep better at night. You can get it now for $179.99, saving 33 percent on the regular price.

Aduro HomeDome Smart Outlet
Aduro HomeDome Smart Outlet Stack Commerce

This device plugs into any outlet and allows you to control the power supply via your phone or smart speaker. This means you can reduce your energy use and automate your home, from lights to heaters. The Aduro is currently 60 percent off at just $19.99.

Omega AXL Inkless Pen
Omega AXL Inkless Pen Stack Commerce

Millions of ballpoints are made and thrown away each year. The Omega AXL is a green alternative—this remarkable writer puts down perfect lines using a special kind of aluminum. It never runs out, and your drawings will never smudge. Worth $39.99, the Omega pen is now $29.99.

Altgalley Hover Chopsticks
Altgalley Hover Chopsticks Stack Commerce

Disposable chopsticks are another example of unnecessary waste. The Altgalley chopsticks are better for the planet, and they won’t affect the taste of your dish. In addition, they are weighted so they will stand upright. This ensures the tips stay clear of restaurant-table germs. You can get a pair now for $11.99.