How to rebuild your online privacy post-congressional ruling

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As you may have heard, Congress recently voted to allow your internet service provider (ISP) to sell your web history and app usage. The only way to maintain some privacy and avoid other online threats is to use a VPN like Private Internet Access. Right now, you can get a two-year subscription for $59.95 via the Popular Science Shop.

When you use a VPN, your web traffic routes through a decoy server. This makes it impossible for anyone to trace your identity or location. Just as importantly, your ISP cannot track your online activity to sell to advertisers. Unlike many similar services, Private Internet Access keeps no record of the sites you visit – so even if rogue government agents show up, there won’t be any trace of your activity.

Aside from privacy, Private Internet Access improves your Internet experience. The VPN blocks ads and malware, encrypts your data and blocks malicious attacks on public Wi-Fi. You can also get around those geo-restricted, “Not available in your area” messages and enjoy your favorite shows on-demand, no matter where you are.

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