A Rat Muscle Ray, A Room Full Of Tetris, And Other Amazing Images

Our favorite science images of the week

In this rendition, the hadrosaur, a type of duck-billed dinosaur, has a tumor on the lower-right jawbone. It may have caused the individual to be picked off earlier by predators.
The megaprocessor
Watch a microscopic version of Pacman from the Institute of Micro and Nano System Technology.
The cover of Invincible Iron Man
LEGO figurines of Jupiter, Juno, and Galileo that were sent to Jupiter aboard the Juno spacecraft.
This exoplanet is part of a triple star system, sits further away from its parent star as Pluto, and is four times larger than Jupiter.
YouTuber Grant Thompson filled a six-foot balloon with liquid nitrogen and caught the whole thing on video.

NASA Kepler mission homepage after apparent Twitter hack

The tweet appeared on NASA’s Kepler mission homepage as well.
FAST, which just finished construction this weekend