How to build extraordinary projects with your Raspberry Pi

This learning bundle helps you discover the Internet of Things and robotics.

Owning a Raspberry Pi allows you to explore cutting-edge technology on a manageable scale. From connected devices to kick-ass robots, the Raspberry Pi Mastery Bundle helps you unleash the full potential of your tiny computer. The bundle includes eight fun video courses, packed with projects. You can grab the training now for $34 at the Popular Science Shop.

When you’re first learning to code, fiddling with the command line of your everyday laptop can be terrifying. That’s why the Raspberry Pi is the perfect learning tool—it provides a super-safe sandbox for your ideas. What’s more, you can hook up sensors and actuators to control things in the real world.

This bundle takes you from initial setup through to exciting weekend projects. The introductory course helps you start writing Python code and design custom lighting patterns for your Christmas tree. You then discover home automation, creating a smart security system and garden lighting that detects movement. The bundle also covers robotics, with two great projects to build. You learn how to convert your Pi into a Bitcoin mining machine.

Normally $865, these courses are now just $34 for a limited time.