Master python programming and save over $1000 on the instruction

This seven-course bundle covers basic programming, data analysis, game development, and more.

Python is an extremely popular programming language to learn online, and for good reason. Compared to the majority of programming languages, it’s relatively easy to learn in addition to being uniquely used for many purposes, from data analysis to game development. The Complete Python Programming Bundle teaches you to code with Python from scratch and will arm you with the skills to light up any resumé. You can grab all 7 courses now for $79 via the Popular Science Shop.

Python is especially popular with beginner coders due to its accessibility and professional versatility. If you have never written a line of code in your life, these courses will teach you to install Python on your computer and start building programs from the ground up. You’ll learn through hands-on video lessons, which flow step-by-step through the process of coding with Python.

After picking up the fundamentals, additional included courses will teach you to build web apps faster with the Django framework. You’ll also dive into data analysis and visualization, before creating your own Flappy Bird game clone. Finally, the bundle covers object-oriented programming—this will help you take on other top-level languages. You should come away with a working knowledge of Python and a nice mini development portfolio.

These courses are normally worth over $1100, but you can get them with the bundle for just $79.