Here’s why Python should be the first coding language you learn

Discover how to build secure network apps, with three courses for $24.

If you want to be a programmer, learning Python is a great starting point. This versatile language can be used for data, automation, and many other things. The Python Network Programming Bundle teaches you the basics and helps you build secure network apps from scratch. You can currently get all three courses and 28 hours of video lessons for $24 at the Popular Science Shop.

Python is a great first language for aspiring programmers, and this course helps you get up to speed. You learn all the key concepts through video tutorials, before starting work on your first project app. There are seven projects in total, meaning you get loads of real-world experience. In addition, each lesson is followed by a short quiz to test your knowledge.

But the training doesn’t stop there—this bundle helps you become a full-fledged network engineer. You learn to work with Windows, Linux and Cisco systems, and how to automate network tasks across multiple devices. The final course concentrates on security, helping you find and fix weaknesses in your code.

Worth $697, the training is now just $24 with lifetime access included.