Pay what you want for 58 hours of Python programming tutorials

Master the language taught in top computer science schools.

Programming skills are more valuable than ever. But where do you start if you’ve never written a line of code? Most experts would point to Python—a powerful and versatile language that is great for first-time programmers. The Python Master Class Bundle helps you master the language, with 10 courses and 58 hours of video tutorials. Right now, you can pay what you like for the training at the PopSci Shop.

Whether you’re an aspiring full-time developer or just looking to improve your résumé, this bundle has you covered. Through hands-on video lessons, you learn how to code pretty much anything with Python.

The training starts from scratch, helping you set up your programming workflow and write your first lines of code. You then start building projects, such as simple games and basic websites.

With the fundamentals in place, you can explore a variety of exciting topics. The bundle covers data science, machine learning, and web development, with expert tips from professional programmers. These skills are in demand for tech, sales, finance, and many other sectors.

To get the bundle, simply name your price for the Python Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals course. Beat the average price paid to get the full lineup, worth $1,066.