This weighted down blanket can help you get a better night’s sleep

Enjoy deep pressure touch, now with 19 percent off MSRP.

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There are many reasons why people can’t sleep. For some, stress is the problem. Others struggle with sleep apnea or a body clock that is out of sync. If you struggle with insomnia, the Puro Down Dark Gray Weighted Blanket might be able to help. This blanket uses deep pressure touch to calm your mind, ready for sleep. Right now, the blanket is $68.99 at the PopSci Shop—and you can get an extra 15 percent off with code MADNESS15.

Recent studies suggest that snuggling up under a weighted blanket can help you enjoy better sleep. In essence, such blankets mimic the psychological comfort of cuddling. It’s known as deep pressure touch (DPT) therapy.

The Puro Down blanket offers the benefits of DPT at home. Made from soft cotton, the blanket has small glass beads sewn into the fabric. This provides just enough pressure to soothe your racing mind, meaning you should get to sleep faster and wake up feeling more refreshed.

The blanket comes in various sizes and weights. Experts recommend that you choose a blanket that is around 10 percent of your body weight.

Order now for $68.99 to get the Puro Down blanket (worth $85.99) and use code MADNESS15 for 15 percent off.

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